Exploring Antigua

Whenever we go for a vacation down south, we try to go to a new place. There is so much of the world to see, after all!

This time we decided to visit Caribbean island of Antigua. One side of the island is washed by the Atlantic ocean, while the other is on the Caribbean Sea. Everything is very green and lively. Antigua has a lot of hills and small mountains.

We stayed in the Verandah Resort, which is on the Atlantic side. The hotel is nothing special: it has 4 stars and covers a lot of territory. The food was ok and the selection fairly small.



Right beside the hotel is a National Park called the Devil’s Bridge, and it is a truly mesmerizing sight. The waves crashing against the rocky edges of the cliff and breaking into thousands of little droplets draws you in. You have to be mindful of how close you come to the edge, though.


One of the tours we did was a catamaran ride with snorkeling. Snorkeling was a bit disappointing because I was hoping to see a turtle, but didn’t. However, the view of the coastline from the catamaran was spectacular. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are washing the white sand beaches with green, luscious hills in the background.   0t6a6189bl0t6a6206bl0t6a6237bl0t6a6298bl0t6a6323bl0t6a6345bl0t6a6448blinst0t6a6225blinst0t6a6239blinst0t6a6146blinst0t6a6313blinst0t6a6476blinst0t6a6208bl

Another activity we did was visit the Sting Ray City and swim with them. I am not a fan of coming into contact with water creatures, especially sting rays. I was a bit nervous about interacting with them, but it turned out to be a fun experience. The operators of the tour do not remove their stingers, but there is little danger in being around them. The string rays are quite friendly, especially if you feed them.



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