My Small Makeup Triumph!

I have mentioned in a few previous posts that I am not a makeup pro; I am very far from it. In general, I am too lazy (unfortunately) to use makeup on a regular basis. When I do “force” myself to try harder, my routine usually consists of a lip gloss or lipstick and an eye pencil on the bottom eyelid (not even both; I know, really sad).

That is what makes this accomplishment all the more impressive! I want to share with you the good news: I have gotten the hang of a smokey eye! I had a photoshoot earlier that day and so I decided to at least attempt some kind of photoshoot appropriate makeup. I got out most of what I have out (which is a lot of makeup for a person who almost doesn’t use any).

I got a great Nudes eye shadow pallet from my internship recently and so my eye fell on a dark brown, slightly glittery shade. I put on the bottom eyeliner, the top eyeliner, the shadow and mascara.

Then came the next challenge: doing my eyebrows. Although my brows are not too bad, they have some permanent gaps that annoy me a lot. Two days ago, I bought an eye pencil at Walmart and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Voila! Here is the result of my efforts and I must say I am super proud of it (and my eyebrows). I even used blush!




3 thoughts on “My Small Makeup Triumph!

  1. You look amazing, and your makeup is really good!! Just followed your blog too, would be amazing if you could check out and follow me? Look forward to reading your future posts!Xx


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