Top products for keeping your skin hydrated

I generally have dry skin, but in the winter it gets even worse. That’s why it’s so important for me to find products that work well with my skin and keep it hydrated without too much oil.

As for the lips, lip balm is the one product I cannot live without. I use it every hour or so, throughout the year. So I have went through a lot of different brands and types and I’m sharing with you the best ones. 0t6a5533bl


  1. Burt’s Bees Lip Balms. I like it because it is a natural product and, since I use lip balm so much, I don’t want to be putting chemicals on my lips 20 times a day. It lasts on my lips for a while and provides the necessary hydration. It also smells good.
  2. Lise Watier Hydraforce. This line of Lise Watier moisturizing products was developed specifically for Canadian winters, which is exactly what I need. It has a nice creamy texture that lasts on my lips for a while. The smell is more or less neutral.
  3. Blistex. I like this lip balm because it has 15 SPF in it, so I can use it throughout the year. It has a minimal smell and lasts enough for me.
  4. Vaseline. Right before bed, I usually use Vaseline. It’s a great product with no smell and a jelly consistency. You can buy it pretty much in any food or drug store.

Note: I have tried EOS among other lip balms and did not like that brand. It smells and looks appealing but it does not last on my lips and does not provide as much hydration as my lips need. I used to reapply it every 10 minutes, which got to be frustrating.


In the winter, my skin gets ready dry and flakes a lot. Therefore, I need to keep it moisturized all the time, especially after taking a shower. Here are the products I have found to be the best at locking moisture in:

  1. The Body Shop Creams (either Coconut or Shea Butter). Shea Butter has a nicer smell and is recommended for even drier skin than the Coconut Butter cream. Both get absorbed by my skin quickly and leave it feeling smooth.
  2. Coconut Oil. I have just used up my can of coconut oil and I love it. It is 100% natural and has many benefits for your skin. I usually put it on while in the shower, right before getting out. This way, when I towel my body, it leaves just enough of the oil off to keep my skin moist and silky without feeling oily.
  3. Argan Dry Oil. At first, when I bought this, I thought it would leave my skin feeling too oily because it is has a very thick, oily consistency. But once I tried it, I realized that it gets absorbed by my skin very quickly and leave it feeling silky, similar to the coconut oil.




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