Best Exfoliators/Scrubs for the Body

Whenever I go away for a beach vacation, I come back with softest and smoothest skin. That’s because I spend a lot of time in the water and on the beach, rubbing and exfoliating my skin with the sand and salt water.

Unfortunately, the high level of chlorine in the water in Toronto does not my skin any favours and after about a month my skin starts to get bumpy, especially above my elbows.

Using exfoliators/scrubs when showing helps keep my skin smooth, not as much as a beach vacation, of course. Here are my top 3 products:

Life.pngA. Regular Bath Salt. Kind of a DIY. But make sure it’s got fine granules. All I do is take a handful and gently rub my skin with the salt, let it sit on my skin for a few minutes and wash off. I don’t do it every time I shower but about 2-3 times a week.

freemanB. Freeman Guava Salt Scrub. This scrub smells pretty good as a perk. I usually use it after I wash my body with soap because it has some oils that keep my skin hydrated after I leave the shower, eliminating the need to apply any other moisturizers.


C. Frank Body Scrub. If you’re even half an Instagram addict that I am, you would have seen this or some other coffee scrub being promoted by half-naked smiling girls. I bought this scrub to try it out.

I dislike the taste and smell of coffee so when using it, I have to endure the smell for the greater good of my body. But those of you who like the smell of coffee will find it a bonus. I apply to a wet body, after I have washed it with soap for 2 reasons: 1. It sticks better to my body when it’s wet and I don’t end up wasting so much of it cause it just falls off; 2. it has oils in it and when I use it last, it gets absorbed by my skin and leaves it hydrated, similar to the Freeman’s one.



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