My latest purchase: Stella & Dot

I have been eyeing their rings and bracelets for a while and then it just happened. My friend invitied me to a Trunk Show her friend was hosting for a Stella & Dot stylist.

It took all my willpower to narrow down my choice to 2 things and not buy every single item I tried on. Their rings and bangles are beautiful. I am usually a white gold person but their selection of items in silver was limited so I went with gold-plated. They also had a few nice rose rings that I wouldn’t mind having.

It only took 2 business days to ship, which was great cause I hate waiting for anything, let alone things from my long-awaited wishlist.

The packaging was beautiful and there was a Thank You can in French and English in pastel colours, which I love.

I went back to the website to check out more of their items for my future wishlist and noticed that the price I paid for each item was $5 more than what they had on the website so next time I’m buying from here. Although, at the Trunk Show you get to try everything on so it’s not too bad of a trade-off.


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