Welcome to Grenada

Last week I had an amazingly relaxing vacation in Grenada. It was a much-needed break from assignments, event planning, slush and rollercoaster-temperatures of my life in Toronto. Although the week flew by in a blink of an eye, it gave me the reboot and energy to continue the pace of my life.

We flew with Air Canada Rouge. This was our first time using the airline and, perhaps, the last (at least on their Rouge line). The flight there was 5.5 hours and on the way back it was almost 6 hours. The airline only provides food for purchase. And although we would prefer to get fed without paying, we were ready to buy the food (after all, the flight is almost the same duration as a flight to Europe, which is by no means quick).


We were sitting in the second half of the plane, close to the tail. On both flights, by the time the flight attendants came to us with the food carts, they had almost nothing left! Out of the entire menu, they had small packs of chips, trail mixes and candy. Needless to say, we were upset. But at least, my boyfriend eats trail mixes and nuts, I don’t. Having eaten right before flying out, my stomach was eating my insides out.

Other than this (which is kind of a big minus), the flights were fine. We took off and landed on time, the attendants were polite, the seats weren’t the worst. Unfortunately, I don’t think any other airline flies to Grenada from Toronto (but I might be wrong).

We stayed at Grenadian Rex Resort, which is literally 2 minutes away from the airport (we could’ve walked if it weren’t for the suitcases). So this was great, because we didn’t have to spend time sitting hungry in a minivan, waiting impatiently for our arrival at the hotel. It’s sitting on Magazine beach.

By the way, they drive on the wrong side of the road, lol. Oh, those British!

The hotel staff were nice, although somewhat slow at check-in but not as bad as some of the reviews on tripadvisor. I will give the hotel amenities 3 or 3.5 overall. It was clean but very dated and basic. In terms of entertainment, it was very quiet and quite boring. Food selection was small but it was tasty 🙂 so I would rate food at 3.5 or 4. Fruit selection was especially small, considering they grow so many of them.

We had a seaview room. The view from it was nice.



Just like the rest of the hotel, the room was clean but very basic. The mattress was hard but I didn’t mind and my boyfriend liked it (he’s a weirdo). Our room was on the top floor, third floor, and although we are both fit, it was sometimes a bit of an exercise to climb the stairs.

The beach and the water were amazing! The hotel had very few people so we had no problems finding loungers and taking great pictures without having a bunch of people in the background 😀



Sand was very soft so I rolled around in it quite a bit for exfoliation. We snorkelled every day for about 2 hours and there is plenty to see without taking a tour. We have our own gear so we snorkelled around the resort (and once to Sandels resort). We saw all kinds of tropical fishes, including a beautiful leopard stingray.

I would give the beach and the sea 5. The hotel had 2 beaches with a cliff in between.



One of the days, we took a private tour of the island. We had a driver take us to the places we wanted to see. We booked it through the Air Canada rep and it cost us US $100 for 4 hours, which is a minimum. If you want to do longer, it’s US $25/hour. We visited Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden, which was informative and tasty! We got to try, among other things, the cocoa beans, which to my surprise taste very sweet (a bit like mango).



As well, we went to the Atlantic side of the island to dip our toes there. We stopped at La Sagesse beach. It was very beautiful and the water was warm. Picturesque, as you can see.


On another day, we went to the mountains to swim in the Seven Falls. The thing that I really liked about the island is that it’s very hilly; there are several mountains you can visit. The walk there was nice: the island is very green and there are a lot of cool flowers and trees. There are supposed to be monkeys in that area but we didn’t see them 😦

From April till June you can see the turtles when they come out to lay eggs. We were thinking of going on a whale and dolphin watch tour but they can’t guarantee you will see them so we decided not to go.



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