Fall in Toronto

Unlike spring, fall is actually noticeable in Toronto and is very pretty. The morning and the evenings are chilly but the middle is just perfect: sunny skies, colorful trees and lots of fresh air.

Some of best places to visit in and around Toronto during this time are: Toronto Islands, High Park, Lakeshore, Rattlesnake Point, Unionville and Rouge Park. Walk around, take beautiful pictures and enjoy the last rays of warming sun. It’s a perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for the hibernation mode for the upcoming 8 months of brutal winds and freezing temperatures. You might fancy eating one last icecream of the year.

Whichever of these you choose to visit, make sure to bring extra layers for the evening.

As for me, I am off to warmer places on Friday- France, here I come 🙂

High Park
High Park
Rattlesnake point
Rattlesnake point
Rattlesnake point
Rattlesnake point

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