Knit dress look

Unfortunately, in Toronto we have hit winter temperatures instead of fall. That was a signal to get out my sweaters and sweater dresses. The one featured in this post is a favorite of mine that I got from Victoria’s Secret a few seasons ago. Combined with a pair of boots, a leather jacket and stockings, it’s a perfect fall-winter look.


20151002_093657In this look:

Sweater dress: Victoria’s Secret

Jacket: Danier

Boots: Puma

Sweater dress

It seems that Victoria’s Secret no longer has any sweater dresses but here are some great alternatives (click on the image to go to the store that sells each item):









As it turns out, it actually quite hard to find knee high sneaker boots online so I am giving you some other options (ankle highs)


These boots look exactly like the Converse ones, except they are not. But looks like a good deal.


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